15 days / 14 nights


The Complete Adventure is the most special and daring trip you can make in Iceland. The ideal mix of adventure, culture, spectacular landscapes and unique activities. We will pass through the most famous places on the road, with hundreds of places to visit, such as the most powerful waterfalls, the largest and smallest glaciers, impressive fjords and (in theory) sleeping volcanoes. But the most important things about this trip are the hidden jewels of the surreal highlands. With its volcanic desert, colorful mountain ranges, fumaroles and glaciers influencing everything, this part of Iceland will make you feel as if you just entered outer space. We promise not to leave you alone with this feeling…the journey will only get better! We will undertake daily excursions of different length, kayak between icebergs and under ice caves, hike and reach the volcano and glacier that Julius Verne described as the entrance to the center of the earth and more that you couldn’t have even dreamed of. It’s more than just traveling – it’s an adventure that will flow through all your senses and wake up your inner explorer!








We promote sustainable and responsible tourism!

From 5elemenTravel we want to give every traveller the opportunity to get involved and support the country they will discover. In the case of Iceland, we want to encourage and support the CarbFix project, where they work to minimize the climate change and study how to reduce the effects of CO2 emissions, capturing greenhouse gases in rocks. Travelling with us you will also offset a big part of the trip’s (flight and car) carbon emission through a donation for tree planting. In addition, from each traveller, a part will be donated to the Icelandic rescue team of volunteers ICE-SAR and their projects, e.g.

Apart from the projects, while executing the trips, we are also:

  • working with local suppliers and guides
  • respecting the driving rules, especially on the delicate interior part
  • informing our travellers and respecting the borders set in the touristic areas
  • never working with single-use tools and materials
  • drinking Icelandic, completely healthy, tap or stream water, and reducing the use of plastic



Flights from Barcelona or Madrid, with one check-in luggage, both ways

Transfers from and to the Keflavík airport

14 nights in private and shareable accommodations (apartments, guesthouses and huts in the highlands)

Breakfasts and dinners every day (except of dinner in Reykjavík)

Experienced guide and driver of ‘5elemenTravel’ that speaks Spanish and English

Two, private cars, 4×4- Land Rover Super Defenders and fuel

Every-day visits

Travel insurance with cancellation 


Kayaking between icebergs and under the ice caves on Heinaberg glacier lagoon

Excursion on tthe galcier and volcno of Snæfellsnes

Entrance to the Fontana thermal baths

Entrance to the Geothermal Exhibition of the Hellisheiði Power Station, the third-largest geothermal power station in the world

Trekking in the Kerlingarfjöll mountain range

  Trekking in the Landmannalaugar area

  Trekking in the area of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and the Thagkil valley

  Trekking to the Hengifoss waterfall

  Trekking and reach of the Askja volcano

  Excursions in the Sigurðarskáli area and on the Vatnajökull glacier

  … and much more!!


Air charges and management costs (between 30 and 200€). On stopover flights, the price could be higher.


Dinner on the last night in Reykjavík.

Sleeping bags in the highlands’ huts.

Costs arising from the adverse climatology or flight delay.

Everything not specified in “Included”.


Our guide will welcome you and pick you up at Keflavik airport. With our 4×4 vehicle, we will travel around the Reykjanes peninsula, known for its geothermal activity. We will visit the area known for fumaroles and boiling muds. Accommodation and dinner in the Keflavík area.


Our first full day of exploring Iceland! Today it is time to visit the famous Golden Circle, a set of 3 visits on the geology and history that make up one of the most visited places in Iceland. This visit is the best way to start contextualizing and understanding this country. Thingvellir, Geysir and the Gullfoss waterfall will be our stops. At the end of the day, we will head to our lodging in Laugarvatn, not before going through the complex of thermal springs that will help us to start the journey very relaxed. Accommodation and dinner in the Laugarvatn area.


On our next day we will enter into the highlands of Iceland. The interior is characterised by complete depopulation, with a large presence of glaciers, volcanoes and lava deserts. This combination makes it a unique place. Our destination is the mountains of Kerlingarfjöll. An active area where besides enjoying our trekking, we will take a bath in the natural thermal waters. Accommodation and dinner in the mountain hut of Kerlingarfjöll.


This day goes from one of the most famous highland areas to another well-known for its trekking: Landmannalaugar. Before we get there we’ll cross stunning landscapes with our powerful 4×4, glacial rivers, green mountains and black deserts, and they will make us feel like being on another planet. Once you are there, you can enjoy several trekks, thermal waters and a special mountain atmosphere. Accommodation and dinner at Landmannalaugar.


We left the highlands to head south. On the way we will visit the highest waterfall of our trip, with more than 120m of height and others that will make our a day full of contrasts. At this point in time we began to understand many aspects of this country, its beautiful and wild nature that our guide will explain and disclose to you. We will spend the night and have a dinner in the wooden cabins near Hella.


Our fifth day of the travel will tour the famous South, the area of Iceland with more famous landscapes, such as the Seljalandsfoss waterfall (that can be passed behind), Skogafoss, Reynisfjara (basalt beach) and the famous volcano, because of the its eruption in 2010′, Eyjafjallajokull. Our group will not be left alone with the typical visits from the area, the day conceals many other waterfalls and hidden gems that we will walk next to and observe while trekking. At the end of the day we will enter the heart of the glacial valley of Thor – Thakgil, a magical place where we will spend the night. Accommodation and dinner in the huts of Thakgil.


A day full of stunning landscapes awaits! We start the day with trekking at the foot of the Myrdalsjökull glacier, and then head for kayak activity between icebergs and under the ice caves, in Europe’s largest glacier, the Vatnajökull. We will visit a canyon formed by a volcano, glacial tongues, the Jökursarlon glacier lagoon, the diamond beach and much more! Accommodation and dinner in the cottages of Reynivellir.


We move from the Vatnajökull glacier to go through the ancient valleys and mountains that had previously eroded the Fjords of the East. The road runs along each of these giants and you can enjoy the incredible views, km after km. Waterfalls, beaches, fjords and fishing villages will accompany us during the day. Before the end of the day, we will make a trekking to discover some remote waterfalls. Accommodation and dinner in a hidden and beautiful village, Seyðisfjörður.


We go back to the interior adventure! Today is about a trekking to another wonderful waterfall, a very special thermal waters and one of the most remote mountain shelters in the country. Along the way we will pass through countless rivers, deserts, valleys, always inland. Every night we will be reviewing the map to explain the journey and better understand the landscape we walk and drive through. Accommodation and dinner in a mountain shelter Sigurðarskali.


We continue to walk through the spectacular interior to reach the famous Askja volcano, a colossal volcanic caldera that houses a large lake inside and another smaller, geothermal one. We’ll drive through highlands to the north until we reach the most well-known area of this part of the country, Myvatn. We will visit the most powerful waterfall in Europe, other volcanic craters such as the famous Krafla or the Hverfjall, active areas such as Namafjall and otherstunning places. We leave the highlands to head north, to unique and dreamy ”tent hotel”, where we will have the pleasure to rest in spacious, private and modern tents after this packed day. Accommodation and dinner in the tents near Myvatn.


We follow our trip, today we will finish visiting the Myvatn area: Grjótagjá lava cave with hot water inside, Dimmuborgir, pseudocraters, migratory birds and the famous waterfall of Godafoss. We will end the day in Akureyri, the capital of the north. A beautiful city where we will enjoy the free afternoon. Accommodation and dinner in apartments in Akureyri.


We left the north to explore the west of the island, the peninsula of Snæfellnes, called the small Iceland. Along the way we will travel through ancient fjords that are now more inland, high planes dug by glaciers and mountain landscapes that will relax our gaze. We end the day in Stikkysholmur village. Accommodation and dinner in Stykkisholmur.


Day to explore the peninsula of Snæfellnes. This place is home to countless visits and areas to explore. Volcanoes, the glacier of the Snæfellsjokull, famous for the novelist Jules Verne, waterfalls, beaches, lava fields and various animal observation points. The star of the day comes when we trek in the Snæfellsjokull glacier. A unique activity, as it leaves the overcrowded areas. Our accommodation and dinner is placed near the beach, in Hellnar.


Last day on the way to the capital. We’ve seen all kinds of waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and landscapes. With of this still there are still places to visit like the beautiful Barnafoss, a unique waterfall! At noon we arrive at Reykjavik to make a small tour and to get to know the city better. Free afternoon. Accommodation in the center of the city Reykjavík.


Time to say goodbye to Iceland! After breakfast, we will go to the airport of Keflavík to fly to our destination in Spain.

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