The Viking Archipielago

This trip runs through the most famous area of the northern Norway, Lofoten Islands. An archipelago made up of mountainous islands sculpted by ice from the old glacier. The purpose of this trip is to explore and get to know first-hand all the famous corners that hide this area. Are you ready to dive into the Vikings' land?


The South Adventure

The South Adventure is the perfect journey for those looking for a unique trip to Iceland, rather than the typical sightseeing. It combines the highlands and the must-see of the South part of the island, trekkings, thermal springs, and incredible excursions.

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10 January 2021

5 Isolated gems in the Icelandic highlands

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28 December 2020

Why Iceland? 5, not so common, reasons to visit this country.

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9 May 2020

Sustainable tourism – is it just a myth?

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I have had the pleasure of travelling to Iceland with 5elemenTravel and I can say that it has been an unforgettable experience. To highlight the great knowledge that the country's guides have, their great professionalism and no less important their closeness to the group as in the end, I get close to them as to one of the travellers. I have felt safe at all times and have been able to enjoy and learn from the hand of Rubén and Klaudia, in addition to contemplating, from my point of view, one of the most beautiful countries in nature. It has been an unforgettable experience that I would certainly repeat.

Veronica Bimba

They know the country like the palm of their hands, with the flawless organization, and they take care of you as if you were in a resort 🙂 100% recommendable!

Aymen Jemni

5elemenTravel, Rubén and Klaudia put their souls into their professionalism and that has turned this journey into a dream come true. Thank you for everything and for that: Rubén you have been there from the very beginning in these complex and difficult times making decisions wisely, intelligent and safe, you have not cared about the day or time to solve problems, doubts and fears. Rubén and Klaudia have made me feel that I was travelling through a country of spectacular beauty, with two partners who know, manage and organize everything so well, that I have only been left to be surprised and enjoy every moment. Rubén and Klaudia have created a team, taking care of us and guiding us towards the magic of unforgettable moments. I also want to thank my fellow travellers for coexistence, dedication, art, laughter, love. Without a doubt, it was one of the most extraordinary trips of my life. Waiting for the next time with you - I hope it will happen soon.

Raquel Rosado

I was lucky to meet Ruben in Iceland and to be able to share a beautiful trip. He is an extraordinary person who combines youth with experience and wisdom. These values are not common to find in someone so young. Highly recommended .. !!

Carlos Julio Peretti

The service they provide is excellent. Always ready and prepared to explain any questions or doubts. The high-quality hotels and meals. Absolutely all taken care of, to the last detail. They combine professionalism with human quality and warmth. I'd repeat any trip with 5elementalTravel.

Gringa Bianco

You can not expect a better and more decisive guide, which is very important when managing any unforeseen!

Dolores Dominguez Flores

Our experience was incredible! all super well organized, very personalised and well-coordinated. I'd go with them again, with my eyes closed.

Eva Masramon

Great way to get acquainted with the Nordic countries. Our experience was highly recommended!

Cuca de Llum